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Visit from a Former Biology Student
 - Matin Mahmoudi

Former student Matin Mahmoudi graduated from Nørre Gymnasium in 2015, and has now graduated as Bachelor of Biological Sciences from University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK. On 21 August 2019, Matin was invited by Biology teacher Jakob Damgaard to talk to the current 3i and 2iHL students in IB Biology and explain how he pursued his interests for his subjects and at the same time managed to engage himself in social activities and many of the extra-curricular activities that our school is famous for, such as sports, music and various clubs.

Engaged Teachers
Studying IB at Nørre Gymnasium allows our students to enter the international IB Community, which is not only shared with classmates, teachers, and the school’s administration, but also with people all over the World, who share the same experience with the IB Diploma Programme. As IB teachers, we take great pride in our students, past and present, and we are all thrilled when we learn how well they manage their studies, careers and lives in general in a changing World. The IB Diploma Programme is not only an education that gives access to universities all over the World, but also has a more holistic approach about how to make things happen, not only for yourself, but also for others. While all we teachers agree on the goal, we can only try to help our students how to get there the best we have learned. This is why we have very high esteems of our former IB students who themselves have completed the program and can explain teachers and current students how they managed this from their own experience.

Matin's Advice
Matin had advice to the students which is summarised here

  • Familiarize yourself with the topic before class: Do your homework; watch videos relevant to the topic; skim through articles; don’t forget about deadlines
  • Spend 15 minutes after each lecture to organize notes: Read through them; link them together; make a study guide.
  • Nurture your interests: Keep up with science news; keep it exciting; understand the importance
  • Get the best out of the years at Nørre Gymnasium: Bond with the class; don’t burn yourself out; keep track of your mental health; do extra-curriculars offered by the school or the outside community.


2015 Matin receiving the prize for best science student at the dimission (Graduation Ceremony)


2016 Matin spent 8 months in the Danish Army


2019 Matin graduated with a BSc in biological sciences from University of East Anglia


2019 Matin visiting present IB Biology students at Nørre G