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School Year

School year terminology
At Nørre Gymnasium we use the following terminology in our international department::

Nørre G names vs. official IBO-terms

"pre-IB" (not part of the trademark IB) is named 1i and 1j and is an international line of a "1.g" - preparing both for Danish stx and IB-system. The curriculum is Danish 1g; the grades follow the Danish scale.

2IB is named 2i and equals the IB Diploma Programme, Year 1

3IB is named 3i and equals the IB Diploma Programme, Year 2

For the plan of vacation periods, please see the page Ferieplanen.


Events and highlights of the school year

August: Sports Day

Takes place on the first Friday of the new school year, and all students at Nørre G participate. The classes dress up according to their chosen theme and compete in various imaginative 'sports'. Get an impression of the day's activities in the video from former student Maggie Olkuska.

Reportage: Sports Day at Nørre G from Maggie Olkuska on Vimeo.

November: International Evening
The biennial event highlights the many cultures and nationalities represented in the IB Department of Nørre Gymnasium. The evening is arranged by and dedicated to the international students attending  the pre-IB and IB Diploma Programme at Nørre G, as well as their parents and teachers. It is a joyful celebration of international-mindedness.

International Evening at Nørre Gymnasium from Maggie Olkuska on Vimeo.

IB International Evening at Nørre G

March: IB Study Trip
The students of the 2i cohort and some of their teachers go abroad for cultural experiences. 

2i Study trip in Barcelona

2i in Barcelona

March/April: FLE-party
The FLE-party (Forældre-Lærere-Elever = Parents-Teachers-Students) is one of the school year’s highlights with students, their parents and teachers getting together for a festive dinner in the decorated classrooms and dancing to the school’s excellent orchestras. In accordance with tradition, all students dance the elegant ”Les Lanciers”, and it is our hope that as many enthusiastic parents as possible will follow their example. Students and parents are offered 'training' in this traditional dance.

FLE-Party at Nørre G - Dancing Les Lanciers


May: Hat Ceremony

International hats for IB DP at Nørre G 

The festive "Hat Ceremony" for our IB students takes place in May in the study center. The students' special graduation hats are placed on their heads by the IB Coordinator (as is our school tradition), assisted by the School Headmaster, and teachers and parents celebrate the students having finished the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme course at Nørre G. The final results will only be available online on 6 July though - hence participation in the Ceremony is voluntary :).

Hat Ceremony at Nørre G - Hats in the air!