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Bi-weekly schedule
The timetable is organised over two weeks with 4 class periods, called modules, of 95 minutes (incl. a 5-minute break) each day. There is a timetable for odd-numbered and even-numbered weeks respectively. Modules and breaks are as follows:

08.00 - 09.40 1st module
09.40 - 09.55 Break/ Morning Assembly
09.55 - 11.35 2nd module
11.35 - 12.05 Lunch Break
12.05 - 13.45 3rd module
13.45 - 13.55 Break
13.55 - 15.35 4th module


Wednesday 4th module is used for catching up on modules lost due to teacher absences or special arrangements. So even if classes are not timetabled there, students must be prepared for teaching in those modules when necessary.

Timetable and diaries
Change in the normal timetables can be seen in "Lectio" (marked green or red), the school's web-based administration program.

In June, all classes run according a special end-of-year exam / exam schedule to be published only at the end of May. This schedule is thus NOT entered in Lectio from the start of the school year - the blanks should not be interpreted as 'vacation' :). Presence is mandatory until the last official day of school, indicated in the Lectio Calendar.

Holidays / vacation periods
See the official plan on the page Ferieplan.

The school's holiday schedule is to be observed, i.e. it is not accepted to leave for holidays / vacations outside the official periods.

Further information in Attendance Regulations under Rules & Regulations