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at Nørre G

IT at Nørre G
IT is used in the teaching as a pedagogical and a didactic learning tool with the overriding purpose of furthering the students' learning. 

IT is seen as a catalyst for re-thinking the individual subjects and for the organising of the classroom as a learning environment.

IT supports work forms centered around students which focus on student activating teaching and, among other things, contributes to cooperation, the variation of and the making visible of the students' work.

At Nørre, IT is integrated in the teaching to a wide extent. We have electronic blacboards or projectors in all classrooms and IT is used in all subjects.

The students are expected on a daily basis to get information via Lectio, the school's web-based administration program and electronic communication system through which information is given about classes, homework, grade reports etc.

IT support
If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact the school's IT supporter, Lars in room 113

IT tools
Below is an overview of some of the tools used in the teaching.

Overview of relevant tools for students:

Skill  Use  IT tool
 Speech   Student-produced podcasts  Audioboo, Soundcloud
 Speech  Student-produced podcasts  MailVu
 Speech  Screen recorder  Screencast-O-Matic
 Writing  Cooperative writing  Padlet, PiratePad
 Writing  Mindmaps  Text2mindmap,, Popplet
 Writing  Timeline  Timetoast
 Writing  Authentic genres  Wiki, Blog
 Writing & Reading  Word suggestion while writing & reading out of digital texts  AppWriter: download vejledning -->
 Reading  Reading out of electronic texsts and web pages  PDF XChange Viewer (PC)

Programmes for physics and maths 
On this website (login required), students and teachers at Nørre G can download physics and maths programmes as well as find various IT tools for use in physics and maths teaching.

In maths, either Maple or TI-nspire CAS software is used. In the school year of 2014/15, the school will buy licences for the programmes for all 1st year (1g) students. 

Free MS Office
Students at all schools which are part of IT-Center Fyn are offered Microsoft Office for free. You are allowed to download MS Office 2013 for Windows and MS Office 2016 for Mac, and install it on up to 5 computers. 
Find the link to the installation guide on the right hand side of this page -->

Via Wayf or Uni-login, students and teachers at Nørre G have access to the Dictionaries from Gyldendal's Publishers ("Gyldendals Ordbøger"). These dictionaries can be downloaded for off-line use at IT-Center Fyn