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for 1.g / pre-IB

Welcome to Nørre Gymnasium!
We are looking forward to welcoming all our new students when the new school year begins.  

Introduction before the summer vacation
To facilitate a good start, we conduct an Intro Evening for the coming pre-IB in June before the summer vacation (The date will be published here when planned, and invitations will be sent by email). The evening begins with IB Coordinator and Team Leaders providing comprehensive information for students and their parents about starting at Nørre Gymnasium. Thereafter the students gather with their future classmates and IB tutors to socialize and be further introduced to Nørre G. You can find the English pre-IB version of the Power Point presentation from the Intro Evening on this page.

First day of school 2020
New students in pre-IB will start on Wednesday 12 August (pre-IB: at 9:00 hrs in the Study Center)
. 1st year IB DP students (=2i) start on 12 August as well (at 9:30 hrs in the Study Center). 3i also start on 12 August (see Lectio schedule for arrangements).

Ventilen's presentation "A way out of Loneliness"
During the first days of school, all classes attend the presentation on youth loneliness by 'Ventilen' (the Valve). Ventilen is a nationwide youth organisation offering different types of events for young people who are lonely. You can get more information on Ventilen's website here (in Danish).

Intro trip in September
As a part of their intro course, all Nørre G first year classes undertake a three-day outdoor trip to Næsbycenteret near Glumsø (Mid Zealand). Here they sleep in shelterss, and committed teachers take them through various outdoor activities. The cost of the trip is approx. DKK 200.- which must be paid by the end of August.

Parents' meetings for 1g/pre-IB
In the fall, an evening meeting is held for parents and students of all 1st year classes - stx in November and pre-IB in September. Invitations will be sent out by email.