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Book Depot


The Book Depot handles destribution and returns of books used in connection with classes.

The teachers order the books which the students can pick up in the depot by signing the class list.

Deadlines for returning textbooks are given via Lectio.

Recalled boks must be returned asap as other students need them.

If you lose a book, you get a bill which must be paid before you can borrow/check out more books.

At the end of each academic year, you must return all the books you will not be using again.

Remember to bring your student id or your national health insurance card (Sundhedskort) every time you contact the Book Depot.

Student id
The Book Depot is also responsible for issuing and handing out student id's. If you lose your student id, you can have a new one issued for DKK 50.

Book Depot assistant
Jan B. Holm,, Tel. +45 44 54 47 37         

Opening hours
The opening hours of the Book Depot are from 9.40 to 9:55 hrs. & 11.35 to 12.05 hrs. (= The first module break and the lunch break)





Jan Holm (JBH)

Teknisk pedel & Bogkælderansvarlig
Book Depot
IT support
Phone -
40 28 72 30 / Bogkælder: 44 54 47 37