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Reading Guidance

How do the reading counsellors help you?
Reading Guidance at Nørre G is an offer of ongoing guidance and training/courses for students who have reading and writing challenges. 

Screening in 1g
In the beginning of 1g, all students are screened regarding their reading and writing abilities. Based on the results of the screening, we offer different types of help to the students whom we estimate would especially benefit. However, we only initiate the help for those students who agree to participate actively.

Other initiatives
For students who are slow readers, we offer courses in reading strategies to help compensate for or increase the reading pace. Other students may have problems wih written expression. The reading counsellor will offer to cooperate with them with specific assignments. Some students have extensive problems with reading and writing that they suffer from a degree of dyslexia. We can help these students with aquiring learning tools and assistive technologies and the instructions for using the tools.

Assistive technologies
At Nørre G, we have recently invested in easily accessible electronical tools for assistance with reading and writing. These not only help our students in general, but especially those students who have problems with reading and writing.

Please contact the reading counsellor for further information.

Your reading counsellor (1g in 2015/16):
Ina/Bo:  1b, 1i, 1j og 1t
Ina:  1c, 1d, 1m, 1x og 1y
Bo: 1a, 1e, 1u, 1z og 1w

Your reading counsellor (1g in 2016/17):
Ina:  1c, 1d, 1k, 1t, 1u, 1x, 1y, 1i and 1j
Bo: 1a, 1e, 1m, 1z og 1w

Your reading counsellor (1g in 2017/18):
Ina:  1c, 1d, 1t, 1u, 1x, 1y, 1w, 1i and 1j
Bo: 1a, 1e, 1k, 1m og 1z

Ina is also the reading counsellor for 2i