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Admission Criteria

The school’s criteria for admission to the “pre-IB” and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme are as follows (in no priority order):

Students with a foreign background

– in DK due to their parents’ job
– who come to DK to obtain an IB Diploma (with confirmed residence status valid for the full duration of the programme)

Students with a mixed (=Danish/foreign) background

– who have completed (part of) their primary schooling abroad
– who have completed (part of) their primary schooling in DK

Students with a Danish background

– who due to their parents’ job have completed part of their education abroad and thus do not meet the admission demands of Danish education systems
– who have completed their primary schooling in DK

Students with an international orientation aiming at continuing their education/job training abroad.


  • CPR number or valid residence permit (see application forms) - copy of the residence status has to be submitted with application forms
  • Very good knowledge of English both in reading and writing (Academic English)
  • Good academic potential with grades above average from previous school
  • Serious, motivated approach at studies
  • Stable persistence; self-discipline
  • International-mindedness, openness and tolerance (see IB Learners’ Profile)

 Age range
As Nørre Gymnasium offers upper secondary education, i.e. youth education, we only admit students within the age range of 15-18 years. Older students are considered as seeking 'adult education'.