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Pre-IB Student Counselling

The Role of the pre-IB Student Counsellor
The primary role of the pre-IB Student Counsellor is to help students successfully complete their pre-IB education while achieving the best possible outcome and results from their education at Nørre Gymnasium. In practical terms, this means helping Nørre Gymnasium’s pre-IB students with a variety of study related issues. The Student Counsellor gives group and individual counselling on relevant academic and personal, social and economic conditions. 

Parents are welcome to contact Anne Wilson if they have queries or concerns about study related issues. Please note that the counsellor position is a part time position. I aim to answer all queries within 48 hours but due to other commitments this is not always possible.

University Guidance
At Nørre Gymnasium we have two Higher Education Advisors who are available to help students with their university applications. Students applying to Danish universities should contact Nicole Jennifer Christensen ( Students applying to universities abroad should contact Anne Wilson (

The counsellor collaborates with Danish Youth Guidance Centres and their guidance counsellors. These centres have been set up by the Danish Government to help all young people make qualified educational choices. If an IB student at Nørre Gymnasium wishes to change to another education, a UU counsellor will be contacted in order to help the student move forward.

eGuidance was launched in January 2011 and provides individual and personal guidance to all citizens via various virtual communication channels: chat, telephone, SMS, e-mail and Facebook.  eGuidance is for everyone who wants information about education and employment. eGuidance is especially targeted resourceful young persons and their parents to give them easy access to independent information and guidance and hereby motivate the young people to continue the search and clarification process on their own. 

Further Information
For more information about the educational guidance system in Denmark, please see here: