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Study Center

About the Study Center
The Study Center consists of three rooms: 063 is an auditorium set up with rows of chairs, 061 is a classroom with a projector and desks set up for group work, and 062 is a combined group room and library with 8 study cells – each with a TV screen for pc link-up and room for 5 persons. All the rooms can be booked in Lectio by the teachers. You find the physical library material in rooms 062 and 063 as well as in the central passage between the rooms.

The office hours for the school librarian, Susanne Rose Nielsen, are as follows:

Monday 9.00-15.00
Tuesday Out of office
Wednesday 11.30-17.00
Thursday 9.00-15.45
Friday 9.00-12.45

Tel: +45 4454 4733


System and rules in the Study Center:
The rules apply to all users of the study center.

Food and drink are not allowed in the study center.  Excepted from this rule is water in a bottle.
The Study Center is an area of the school, where silence is necessary, as it is a working area for both administrative personnel and students.
Books and periodicals must be scanned via the library system before taking them out of the study center, and must be returned into the small wooden cabinet in the Study Center marked ”bøger afleveres her”  (books to be returned here).

Rules for library loans
The loaning procedure applies to all library borrowers. All material taken out of the study center must be borrowed via the library loaning system: this also applies e.g. to a book you only need for a single module.
Books with a red dot on the spine can not be borrowed.
All students and teachers are automatically registered in the library system. You must use a borrowing form if the library system is temporarily out of order.
Your borrower number is your cpr-number without the dash. The loan period is 1 month. You can renew your loans and check your loan status via the school’s website.
You don’t check out your book via the system yourself, but place them in the returns cabinet.