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As a student at Nørre G you have access to various e-resources:


Gale databases: 4 bases with joint password access. You can get the password in the Study Center or in Lectio. You don’t need the password for use when you are at the school.

NB: If you get the following error message in Gale... 

Authentication Failure. Possible causes.

1. No Domain name in the URL.
2. finalAuth=true params set in the URL.

...just try one of the other links in the Gale package, it will work every 2nd or 3rd time. The bases have the sam first page, and from there you choose precisely the base you need.

DR\gymnasiumHighligts and clips from programmes made for teaching. Access with UniLogin.

EbscoMaster file Premier, UK/Eire Reference Center: Full text database within all subject areas, also primary sources, dates back to 1975. Get the password at the Study Centre or in Lectio if you want to access Ebsco from home.

Europa World OnlineDetailed country information and statistics from 250 countries Get the password at the Study Centre.

FilmcentralenDocumentaries and short films. Access with UniLogin.

Infomedia: Newspaper articles and periodicals in full text.

JSTORLarge American database with books, articles and primary sources. Can be used in all subjects. Access only from the school.

JSTOR AlukaDatabase with information about Afrika, among others South Africa and Apartheid. Access only from the school.

JSTOR PlantsAbout all the world’s plants. Access only from the school.

DictionariesFrench, German, English and Spanish. Access with UniLogin.

SPIE Digital LibraryThe world’s largest collection of research within the fields of optics and photonics: Especially useful for physics, but also good in astronomy and maths. Access only from the school.


Recommended links
In the library's Delicious-account you find the librarian’s and the teachers’ recommended links within all the subject areas of the school. Here you can often get help especially for topics, we don’t have books for.

Academic honesty and plagiarism: see Stop Plagiarism