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Showband and Choir

Practice in Nørre G’s choir takes place most Tuesdays from 18:30-21.00 hrs. The choir works with projects - rythmic as well as classical - and is always a central element in the school's musical theatre shows. The choir often participates in inter-school projects with the symphony orchestra Copenhagen Phil and they went on their own choir trip to Ireland in the spring of 2016. Every year, Nørre's choir has a number of concerts both in the school as well as in other venues (Church, Koncert Hall).

During the intro project, participation in the choir is open. But after this, new singers must go through a short 'audition' to stay in. The choir works mostly a cappella, but also with piano accompaniment. The level is relatively advanced with up to 5-6 parts and selected soloists. Most of the choir's movements are arranged by the two choir leaders Thomas Hammer (TH) and Thomas Lynnerup Jakobsen (TJ).

If you want information about the choir, please contact the leaders by e-mail (via the contact link to the right).

Nørre G’s Showband is a band made up by teachers and students, who meet and practice  in the school's largest music room every Wednesday during 4th module. In the band, we have a rythm section with guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, congas and timbales as well as a wind section comprised of various sax-types, tumpets, trombones, clarinets etc. Generally, the band performs with 3-4 singers, often known as "Nørre Sisters".

Repertoiret er funk, soul, jazz, blues, R&B, world music (salsa, soca, reggae, afrikansk highlife osv.) – kort sagt musik med gang i! Repertoiret er nyt hvert år og orkester-arrangementerne tilpasses de aktuelle medlemmer i ensemblet både hvad angår ensemblespil og soloer. Orkesteret spiller til morgensamlinger, bandaftener, caféaftener mv. samt diverse koncerter og større begivenheder på skolen, og har gennem årene også haft større jobs uden for huset.

If you want to know more about the band and your possibilities of participating, you can call  Bjarne Weidick at 3672 2787.