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"Pre-IB" Subjects & Choices

Subjects taught in the pre-IB year

  • Danish A or English A  ("A" denotes native language or best language)
  • Danish B or English B ("B" denotes foreign language, not level!)
  • German B or French B (foreign language: approx. 3 yrs. of prior experience expected) or Spanish B Beginners (no prior experience required)
  • Social Science (C-level stx)
  • History
  • Physics (C-level stx)
  • Biology (C-level stx)
  • Chemistry (C-level stx)
  • Mathematics
  • Visual Arts (C-level stx)

Additional basic course (autumn term) in:

  • General Linguistics (final exam)
  • General Science (final exam)

Mini-Extended Essay (EE)


Making good subject choices in the Pre-IB

Choosing your 3 Languages in the Pre-IB 

All “Pre-IB” students must study three languages in the “Pre-IB”. The basic premise is that you study your best language as your “A” language, and your second and third best languages as “B” languages. 

1st Foreign Language

Exceptions to the above: 

  • Some bilingual Danish/English students have the language ability to take both English and Danish at the highest level. In this case, a student should choose both “English A” and “Danish A” on the application form.
  • Some students’ best language is neither English nor Danish, but something else, i.e. Arabic, Russian, Urdu etc. In this situation, a student should choose “English B” and either “Danish B” (if they have 2-3 years of experience) or tick the “I do not speak any Danish” box on the application form. A student in this situation will take their own native language as a “Self-Taught Language A” in the IB Diploma Programme.

2nd Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish)

  • The basic premise is that all Pre-IB students should study one so-called “2nd Foreign Language” in “Pre-IB”, i.e. either French, German or Spanish as it is a mandatory part of the “Pre-IB” programme.
  • Students who have attended a Danish school will have the necessary pre-requisite knowledge in French and German. These students will be able to choose either French or German at the required level (=3 years previous experience), or they can choose the Spanish Beginners class.
  • Students who have not attended a Danish school prior to the Pre-IB may not have the necessary pre-requisite knowledge in French or German. However, if they haven’t previously studied Spanish, these students will be able to take the Spanish Beginners class.
  • Students, who do not have the pre-requisite knowledge in French or German, but who are advanced students of Spanish can apply for dispensation not to study a “2nd Foreign Language” in Pre-IB.
  • In order to put in a dispensation application a student must write a letter explaining their concrete situation. The letter should be addressed to the “IB Coordinator”. Please send this letter along with your application to the Pre-IB.

Choosing your 2 Sciences in the Pre-IB

Students must choose two Sciences in the Pre-IB. The three Science subjects that you can choose between are Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

It is important that you make the right Science choices in Pre-IB as your Pre-IB Science choices determine your Science choices in the IB Diploma Programme (i.e. you cannot choose a Science subject in IB DP that you have not taken the in Pre-IB). Making the right choices depends on what you intend to study after the IB. Please see the following guidelines:


Please note: if you want to study any kind of Science programme at university level in Denmark, you must take Physics & Chemistry (Please note: even if you want to study Biology at university in Denmark, you must choose Physics & Chemistry).

Disclaimer - The specific entrance requirements are liable to change at any time. So, you should always first check the specific requirements of individual programmes at and then double check the requirements with the relevant educational institution itself. If you need counselling on matters concerning studying in Denmark, please contact Nicole Jennifer Christensen from “Studievalg København” at 


Disclaimer - It is hard to give complete clarity about general and specific requirements, as they will vary from country to country and from institution to institution. However, the following is worth keeping in mind:

If you want to study Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or Dentistry in the UK, you would be well advised to choose Chemistry and Biology. If you want to study Engineering in the UK, you would be well advised to choose Physics and Chemistry.

If you have any questions about subject choices in the Pre-IB programme, please contact Nørre Gymnasium’s IB Student Counsellor, Anne Wilson, at