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FLE 2020 - info

Update 6 March: FLE 2020 has been cancelled by Headmaster Jens Boe Nielsen due to the stipulation by the Danish Prime Minister that all events vith more than 1000 participants are to be cancelled!!!

NB: The dance lesson for parents is also cancelled!!


As "FLE" is the acronym for Forældre (parents), Lærere (teachers) and Elever (students), you must remember to invite both your own parents and your teachers.

Students will be instructed in the traditional dance Les Lanciers, and parents are offered a dance lesson from Principal Jens Boe and his wife. This event takes place here at the school on Wednesday 11 March at 19:30-21:15 hrs. (see invite).

More information will be posted in Lectio and on the website after the Winter Break

Lanciers lessons for parents




The dance floor is taken at full tilt during the traditional dance Les Lanciers at Nørre Gymnasium


A few of the inventive teacher invites






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