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Morning Assembly

There were three items on the agenda at today’s Morning Assembly: Nørre News, LoftMaf and a recycling project.


Nørre News
Jonas (3i) and Amanda (3i) urged people to attend the Nørre News info meeting if you are interested in the many job areas covered by the online news. Among other things they make films about events at Nørre and today they showed their Film Festivalm and the Sports Day films. 


The Loft Mafia
The Loft – the fitness area above the Sports Hall – will soon be open during the 5th module. modul. Maria (3c), Sif (3u) and Sofie (3u) are members of a student group (LoftMaf) taking turns being at the Loft. Among other things, they can help with correct training, inspiration and great training soundtracks.


Recycling project
Vidisha (2i) and Samantha (2i) have started a help project donating the money from collected recyclable bottles and cans. They have placed containers in the canteen and the foyer and urge everyone to support the project by putting their used cans and bottles in the containers instead of throwing them in the bins.



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