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Welcome by the IB DP Coordinator

Making the decision to embark on the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme means becoming a member of a worldwide educational community and following a curriculum of high quality and standards in an accredited IB World School. It also means opening up for personal development in a process of lifelong learning, academically as well as socially. This holistic concept demands from the individual student the ability, drive and motivation to engage in rigorous studies in an active and focused way. Curiosity, perseverance, initiative and commitment are key issues for gratifying results.

Indeed the Diploma Programme is a challenge to the students who follow it, but then again it offers an excellent academic preparation for university education in Denmark and more than 150 countries in the world that hold IB graduates in high regard. Such a universally recognized diploma and ranking with an international perspective is certainly worth the effort!

At Nørre G, we supply IB students with an international environment of a wide variety of different ethnic backgrounds in which to develop intercultural relations and tolerance - while at the same time respecting the students’ own cultural inheritance. Danish customs and traditions of students’ taking ownership of their education and engaging in democratic processes are combined with the international outlook fostered by the International Baccalaureate Programme.

So: join us, and let us work towards a common goal. You will be most welcome at Nørre G as a part of our IB 'Family'.

Jutta Rüdiger 
Head of IB - Diploma Programme Coordinator

 Nørre G's IB brochure

Contact information:

IB Coordinator
Jutta Rüdiger (JR)

Office (direct): +45 4454 4727 

The IB Coordinator is the Head of the IB Department at Nørre Gymnasium.

Prospective students and their parents can address the IB Coordinator with any queries that they may have about the pre-IB and/or IB Diploma programmes.

The IB Coordinator is overall responsible for admission of students to the pre-IB and IB DP programmes and leads all procedures in IB DP.


IB Secretary
Carol Munkers (CM)

Office (direct): +45 4454 4735

The IB Secretary is the administrative assistant of the IB Coordinator.


Pre-IB/IB Student Counsellor & Higher Education Advisor (Non-Danish Universities)

Anne Wilson (AW)

Office (direct): +45 4454 4722

Office Hours August-May:
Students enrolled in Nørre Gymnasium may address the student counsellor during her office hours, indicated in Lectio. Prospective students can contact her by writing an e-mail with their query and a contact phone number. A reply and/or call can be expected within 72 hours.

The pre-IB/ IB Student Counsellor’s role is to ensure that all IB students achieve the best possible outcome and results from their IB education. The Student Counsellor gives group and individual counselling on relevant academic and personal, social and economic conditions: this includes assisting students who have turned 18 with their S.U. (Statens Uddannelsesstøtte) applications. 

The Higher Education Advisor's role is to assist students with their university applications to the UK, the U.S. & other universities abroad. The Higher Education Advisor gives group and individual counselling to students who are putting in applications to universities outside of Denmark.

Higher Education Advisor (Danish Universities)
Nicole Jennifer Christensen


Students who wish to pursue their Higher Education in Denmark should contact Higher Education Advisor, Nicole Jennifer Christensen. Nicole works for ”Studievalg København”, and she is responsible for helping students with their university applications to universities & other higher education institutions in Denmark.  She can be addressed in all questions concerning Danish university requirements and subject stipulations.

To book a meeting, go to 'Studievalg' at and select ”elev på Nørre G”.