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A festive Information Evening with many visitors

This year's Information Evening about the international programmes at Nørre Gymnasium was held on Wednesday night, 28 February 2015. More than 250 expectant and interested potential students and parents came to hear what Nørre G can offer.

The event started in the Assembly Hall with a performance by our talented Nørre G Show Band before IB Coordinator, Jutta Rüdiger, welcomed the guests and told them about the international lines at our school - so prospective applicants had an idea what they can expect from us and what we expect from them.

Information Evening 2015 - IB Coordinator

Our IB Student Counsellor, Paul Bjergfelt, informed the guests about the student and college counselling available specifically for students in our international lines. 

Information Evening 2015 - Student Counsellor

Pre-IB students Amalie, Rohat, Josephine and Melisa reported about their start in the Pre-IB at Nørre G...

Information Evening 2015 - Pre-IB

...and Josephine and Charlotte from 2i talked about enjoying and 'surviving' the IB Diploma Programme.

Information Evening 2015 - IB DP

Furthermore, a line-up of committed students informed the visitors of the many possibilities for students to involve themselves academically and socially outside classes and homework.

Information Evening 2015 - Student activities 

As an entertaining input in between the presentations, Becky(1j), Yasmin(1j), Camille(2i), and Melanie(3i) showed their talents in a lively African dance performance.

Information Evening 2015 - African Dance

Outside the Assembly Hall, student-guides - easily recognisable by carrying flowers - were available for showing the guests around the school to visit the booths where other engaged students and teachers were ready to present the IB DP subjects available at Nørre G.

Information Evening 2015 - Student-guide with flower

We enjoyed presenting our school and the international lines, and we are looking forward to welcoming many of the visiting students to be a part of the IB-family of Nørre G at the start of the academic year in mid-August.

More impressions from the evening:

Information Evening 2015 - Subject booth


Information Evening 2015 - Subject booth


Information Evening 2015 - Application Counselling


Information Evening 2015 - Subject booth


Information Evening 2015 - Subject booth


Information Evening 2015 - Lounge Music